LIVE Energy Activation DNA Strand 2 ❤️✨

Dear Ones,

When I think of My Ability to Focus on my Sacred Life and Manifest it into Reality DNA Strand 2, my Sacred Life is a way of “being” in the world with Love and Compassion for Self and Others… Being present and aware in this Only Moment.  

For me, it is also sharing these teachings so that others may live their Divine Wisdom and feel their Innate Value. We each have our own calling. Just “being” on this Journey changes the frequency of those around us and our world. It is a deep Inner Journey of Self Discovery and Love.

While thinking of DNA strand 2 and our ability to focus on our sacred life and manifest it into reality, the question that came to my heart is how do we deeply listen to Divine Love and Guidance to hear and live our Sacred Life calling?  

For me, prayer is talking to the God of your understanding and meditation is listening to the God of your understanding.

Meditation practice is starting my day with silence. Touching into my connection with Divine Wisdom and listening deeply to Divine Guidance and Calling in each moment. Mediation is about setting my intention for my day and life.  

Meditation is about being present in this Only Moment, living from my Core Self, my authentic true Self.

Meditation is about being aware of what is happening in this Only Moment of life and death.

Meditation is a way of moving beyond the stories I project onto the world. Meditation is about feeling connected and guided by Divine. Meditation is about living in this world with intention, love, service, and gratitude.  

For my Sitting Meditation practice, I sit on my pillow every morning, deeply listening to Divine, resting in stillness and touching deep into my Core Self and my connection to All That Is.

There are many different types of mediation. I do a Zazen “just sitting” meditation practice. I sit on a pillow with crossed legs or on a chair being aware of keeping my spine straight. My eyes are softly opened looking about 3 feet in front.  

I meditate with my eyes open because that’s how I live in the world. When I close my eyes, I tend to leave my body and go to other realms.

I hold my hands in the Cosmic Mudra just below my belly button. My left-hand fingers resting and on my right fingers and holding my thumbs touching as I hold the Bright Pearl of Wisdom, Oneness, Emptiness, or the Cosmos in the center of my hands.  

Breathing in through my nose and breathing out through my nose, I breathe in and feel my belly expand two inches below my belly button like I am filling a vase starting at my base and fill all the way up into my lungs.

My diaphragm is then able to let in the most air with spaciousness. Below the belly button is the Hara area…the center of the body. This area is used in Martial Arts as the grounding point. In Hawaiian, it is called the Na’au. It is the area of connection to our Core Self and All That Is. Our Authentic Self before our thinking mind. The energy in this area warms as I feel the soft calling to rest and listen in stillness.  

Our mind is supposed to secrete thoughts. So when a thought comes as Suzuki Roshi would say “open the front door and open the back door, let your thoughts come and go and don’t invite them for tea.” Or be as Mount Fuji and let the clouds come and go. I love that. Yet, when my thoughts take over and I find myself lost in thinking mind, I bring myself back with compassion and love to my breath. Bringing myself back to this Only Moment.

There is nowhere to go and nothing to achieve in mediation. It is a time of just being present. Shine 20% of your energy senses outward like mirrors and 80% in your Core. You may hear sounds, hear it, do not judge or put words to it and let it go. If your mind wanders bring it gently back to the breath like a small child that has wandered off the path-no judgment, just love and compassion.  

When I start my mediation I breathe deeply with three cleansings breathes and then belly breathe naturally. I remember when I first started meditating I had limited time so I would set a timer for the time I had and then I didn’t have to worry. I have a bell I ring three times to start my mediation. Then I gently breathe into my Core. When the time is done I do three bells and bring my hands together in prayer pose and gassho with gratitude.

If you have never meditated, start with three breathes with your hands on your belly or for five minutes. Sit with the intention of being awake, present, and alert, resting in silence, listening to Divine Wisdom, and experiencing your Core Self. As you rest in stillness there is a calling for more. Allow yourself to add time as it feels appropriate for you. If there is no time for formal sitting, take your three breaths, gassho, and set your intention for the day.  

This time is a precious time for you to connect with your Divine Wisdom and Inner Knowing. You can trust your Inner Knowing. It will guide your life and your light to shine for others. It is like walking in the fog. You may not notice big changes but you find you notice your way of living has changed.

My morning practice helps anchor my intention to live Divine Wisdom and Divine Love in every moment of my life. It is the anchor that I bring into living in this body on Earth Right Now.

It is my Ability to focus on my sacred life and manifest it into reality.

How to Begin

  1. Set up an area to practice. It can be a pillow or a chair before your sacred area or altar. Listen to your body.
  2. Be gentle with yourself. Start with 3 breathes or 5 minutes. Feel the calling to rest in Stillness longer.
  3. Be compassionate. As your mind wanders bring it back to your breath.
  4. Deeply listen in silence to Divine Wisdom for guidance and grace. Rest in Divine Love.
  5. Gassho in gratitude and appreciation for this time dedicated to Divine Guidance and Love.

I invite you to share in the comments below:

  1. What is your practice to connect to Divine Wisdom?
  2. What stretch can you do to call yourself back to your Divine Core Self?
  3. What helps you remember to return back to this Only Moment and to focus on your sacred life and manifest it into reality?

Love & Blessings Diana Bonnici
Multi Dimensional Light Bearer❤️😇🙏🏻

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