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Dear Ones,

In thinking of DNA 10 Establishing a deep connection with our Soul and the Wisdom of my Heart,  I think of six practices that help us on our journey: the Practice of Deep Listening, Self-Compassion, Turning toward our Feelings,  Beauty,  Patience, and Gratitude.

1. Deeply Listening to our Soul is allowing ourselves to be still and receive the deep peace and gift of Silence. It is through this silence that we trust and have faith beyond our ego-self promptings. It is in the silence that we can nurture our deep connection with our Soul. Through our deep connection with our Soul, we rest in the Oneness of all that is in this Only Moment.  It is through this silence that our Inner Wisdom will guide us.  When we surrender to this deep calling, we feel a sense of peace and belonging, a sense of inner joy beyond our everyday life.  This deep connection with our Soul will guide us with our Divine Purpose.  With this deep connection, we help change the frequency of this World. We can deeply listen through meditation, journaling, prayer, or creativity.  Notice where and how we create specific time to Listen to your Soul is fundamental to this Soul Journey.

2. Self-compassion is part of the foundation for a deeper connection to our Soul.  During periods of stress and change, we often fall back on old reactive patterns of relating to ourselves and the world. We can be harsh and critical and withholding with ourselves. Self-compassion offers us the opportunity to hold what is vulnerable with kindness and tenderness, allowing these places to remain soft and open. Times of great uncertainty and change call for a level of generosity to ourselves that helps to offset the effects of trauma that can often envelop our emotional body. This must be our first and primary intention: to hold all that we are experiencing with compassion,  to offer a safe place for our fears and grief to land. To know in our heart that our life is worthy of compassion and love.  To surrender to be guided through our wounded stories.  We learn to turn toward our sorrows and fears with kindness, tenderness, and affection. Lean in. Nothing heals in an atmosphere of judgment or criticism. We contract and get small under such conditions. We open and soften only when the space around us invites revelation, connection, and trust. Imagine how you respond to a friend’s pain and suffering, fear, and grief when they arise. While we can be impatient and judgmental about our inner states, we offer a safe space to our friends to be with what they are experiencing and touch it with gentleness and understanding. When we can turn toward our pain or grief with kindness, we open our hearts and allow the conditions necessary for healing.

3. Turn toward the feelings. The difficult emotions we will encounter cannot be resolved with avoidance. Turning toward our suffering is essential. We must not only endure our times of pain and sorrow, we must actively engage them and feel them fully. This move takes great courage. It is hard to open ourselves up to painful emotions and thoughts without an adequate level of compassion and support.  The alchemical tradition says we must keep the materials warm for them to ripen in the vessel. If we do not, our sorrows and fears will harden and congeal, making movement impossible. They become the wounded stories that keep us bound.  When we hold these challenging emotions with affection, concern, compassion, and interest, they stay flexible and fluid, capable of change. We keep them warm by being with these difficult guests and not turning away and neglecting what these pieces of our soul life need from us. When we offer this kind of devotion, our sorrows and fears will change. To feel it fully, however, we require the arms and hearts of others, opening ourselves to a wider circle of belonging. The weight of grief, fear and suffering that we are facing is more than we can hold in by ourselves. We must be willing to share what is in our heart with another. Be mindful of how our wounded stories tell us to go it alone, to not need anyone or bother anyone else with our struggles.  Having a tribe that understands this deep soul journey and challenges our emotions and wounded stories is essential to moving beyond the old wounded stories with an open heart and compassion.

4. Live with Beauty. Trauma often generates a state of numbness or anesthesia. This state protects us for a time from having to encounter the raw, painful emotions that often accompany trauma, but it also dulls our engagement with all that surrounds us. On this deep soul journey, we need to meet the painful emotions and stories that stop us from trusting our Divine Wisdom and Internal Knowing.  Beauty helps us to open our heart. Sorrow and beauty can live side-by-side. The soul has a fundamental need for encounters with beauty. It is a central source of nourishment that continually renews our sense of vitality and awe. Beauty calls us outward into the world. To live in the Present Moment. It awakens our heart and pulls us deeper into intimacy with our True Self. Immerse ourself in beauty. Bring flowers into whatever space we occupy, along with fragrances and sounds that soothe our soul. Take a walk outside. Notice the clouds.  Watch the Sunset or Sunrise.  Our felt encounter with beauty increases our sense of ease and connection.

5. Patience. Healing from trauma takes time. Patience offers kindness to the vulnerable pieces of soul life that have been splintered by the presence of trauma and wounded stories. Knitting a bone takes time. Mending the soul takes even longer. Be patient with our process. There is a deep wisdom in the soul that knows the value of going slowly. Stepping out of the fast pace of modern culture is essential to regain our footing in the world of our Soul. Patience is a discipline, a practice that offers assurance to the places of vulnerability and a ground for absorbing the benefits of our efforts.  Meditate, journal, pray, take a walk. Allow the process to unfold. Trusting Divine Timing.  Patience creates a state of spaciousness where the deeper rhythms of our soul can emerge. Patience also invites a creative emptiness where the unimagined can arise. Our task is to generate a space of receptivity to dreams, images, insights, intuitions, inspirations, all through the practice of patience. Often wounded stories come up that I thought I had worked thru and I find I am going deeper and deeper into healing. It is like a spiral for healing.

6. Live Gratitude.  We do not understand in our Ego self the Divine Timing and Wisdom in our life.  What seems awful may be the opening to a Soul Journey that is deeper than we could ever imagine. Surrendering and living in Gratitude for what is. That doesn’t mean we like all that is happening or that we don’t experience pain and sorrow. It means we accept what is and surrender with gratitude to guidance and grace. Knowing it is all for the highest good and comes from Love. We do not know the lessons we are to learn in this life.  We can only respond with faith and trust to what is happening in this Moment. This is true Self-compassion as we open to a deeper connection to our Soul.

Practicing Deep Listening, Self Compassion, Leaning into our Feelings, Living in beauty, patience and gratitude is the ground we cultivate and practice to move into a deeper connection to our Soul.

I invite you to share in the comments below:

  1. How do you practice self-compassion and deep listening?
  2. What are you turning away from because of fear, pain, or sorrow?
  3. Where does your heart need to open to more beauty, patience, and gratitude?

Love & Blessings Diana Bonnici
Multi Dimensional Light Bearer ❤️😇🙏🏻

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