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Dear Ones,

When I think of Standing in my Power and Living a Sacred Life DNA Strand 1, What I feel called to share today is how I sustain my daily practice through Ritual. The definition of a ritual for me is a daily practice or observance that supports me remember my intention. My intention is to surrender and Live Divine Love and Wisdom in every Moment of my Life.  

As I was thinking about sharing my rituals I was surprised at how many rituals I have incorporated into my life. A daily ritual can be prayers, meditation, movement, EMI practice, ceremonies, altar, or any words or actions that remind me of my intention. The ritual is an experience that triggers me to remember to live my Truth with faith, wisdom, love, light, clarity, and understanding. I make my life sacred by living through ceremony.  

I do not do these rituals for merit or to receive Unconditional Love. We are all Unconditionally Loved with our Being. We are all One. I do these rituals as a way of remembering the love and grace in my life and to live my highest Divine Self in every moment of my day. It is an everyday life practice.  

I meditate every morning. It is a time for me to deeply listen and go beneath the stories my mind has learned to project out into the world. It reminds me to live my love and surrender. In the morning when we are ready to begin our day my husband and I do a sitting together.  

We do a short meditation, ring the bell three times, and then hug each other with the intention of loving each other and being present in the day with gratitude. As I open up the house doors and windows, I send light and love to the world or I ask light and love to enter into our home. I bow or gassho before I eat and say a prayer.

When I feel I don’t know what to say or do I take three breathes into my belly or put my hand on my heart and feel my feet and ask for guidance. Before I do processes or listen to an IMI teaching, I fill myself with light and love from the heavens and have it go down deep into Mother Earth — letting go so I may be open and present.

I usually listen to the teachings twice. The first time I listen with my heart and the second one I can take notes and try to understand more. Remembering I do not have to remember any of it. There is no test. I have faith that I will get the information that I need when I need it.  

I live my life with gratitude. Making sure each morning and night as I say my prayers that I’m aware of all the Beauty around me and gifts in my life, even when it’s a hard day. I usually wake up at least once in the night.

I used to worry a lot. I now send light, love, and healing to the world and hold love in my heart. I also experience myself going into the white light and allow myself to feel the Oneness of All That Is. I have altars set up in each room as a visual reminder to live Love.

I close the day with a short meditation with my husband and ring the gong three times and we kiss good night.  

These little things throughout the day help me to remember who I am and how I want to live my life and to live my highest Divine Self in every moment of my day.

It is an everyday life practice  

Steps To Ritual/Sacred Ceremony

  1.  Know the intention for your rituals
  2. I find it helpful to have a ritual attached to a trigger-opening door, answering the phone, before meals, waking up, or going to bed.
  3. Start with one ritual a day and don’t beat yourself up if you forget. Even three breaths before you get out of bed or a prayer of gratitude starts the day with the intention of love.
  4. As it is an everyday practice, do not habitualize it with numbness but be aware and present as you do it.
  5. Our spiritual practice is a practice. It’s being compassionate and loving to ourselves and using whatever rituals we can use to remind us to live our Divine Wisdom and Innate Value

Now take a few minutes to think about these questions.

  1. What intention did you infuse into your alter/your sacred space.
  2. What rituals do you already do in your life?
  3. What rituals do you want to add to feel Divine Love in your life
  4. How can you include ritual into your interacting with the EMI teachings and sharing on Facebook? What can you do to help you assimilate and be open to the teachings and share your Wisdom?

I invite you to share in the comments below:

  1.  What is your daily practice?
  2. Have you woven your intention into your daily practice?
  3. How does your daily practice support you as you move through life?

As we share we encourage each other to live our Divine Wisdom and Innate Value.

Love & Blessings Diana Bonnici
Multi Dimensional Light Bearer❤️😇🙏🏻

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