Lou Reed

Energy Medicine Institute

How To Awaken Your Crystalline Body

In EMI’s Path you learn how to awaken your crystalline body, we raise our overall physical body vibration so that our Higher Self can move into our body and take over our consciousness (Soul Embodiment) and start to expand beyond our body into the unified field.

Let’s explore Higher Self Embodiment:

  • A huge amount of quantum energy, often electrical surges coursing through our bodies, muscles and veins start to awaken our human body, stimulating everything that was dormant in the cells of our being.
  • Opening our heart & mind and working through our organs and nervous system to bring our body into vibrational alignment with the NEW Earth Codes that are coming through at this time, we re-birth ourselves learning everything from the depth of our soul we start to lay a solid foundation for our NEW Earth Reality so it can nurture & grow.

We get to experience the unified field again as we un-tether and completely let go of fixed realities while multi-dimensionality realities become more real for us, as our pineal gland activates our higher consciousness. – Lou Reed

This is where you learn how to awaken your crystalline body to access to higher wisdom & knowledge for sharing as a Star BEing, a Light BEing, a Lemurian, an Atlantean, Galactics (Arcturian, Pleiadian, Andromedan, Sirian, Lyran & more), Angels & Archangels, Gods & Goddesses. We start to work through the distortion of each one at an expedited rate, each one having completely different DNA activated inside of our body to Re-Code the genetics and atomic structures of our cells.

We start walking in a lucid dream, where realities bend, breathe and move. – Lou Reed

Materialisation/dematerialisation, portals, gateways and parallel universes become our “norm”. Multi-dimensionality becomes our new “home”.

👉 This is where we start to intentionally honour all of the core emotions that were stuck deep inside our energy system, that corrupted our Soul Codes, where we clear our human karma by reversing everything, allowing us to move back into the universal love consciousness in our everyday life.

👉 This is where everything starts to become vibration & energy as we learn and build a whole new value system from within. Shedding identities becomes about our relationship with all as one.

👉 We learn to exist in our own light, functioning on quantum light that we actually generate from inside of ourselves. By birthing our new realities, birthing our New Earth Codes and bringing them into reality, we learn how to function non-linearly and in multiple dimensions. This is where we learn to surrender to our higher selves and start to allow our higher selves to cause and create our reality.

This is a huge Re-Coding process that activates our crystalline structure, creating a new way of being in the world. Living our life as advanced NEW Earth Humans here in the third dimension. We start to anchor heaven on earth from within us and learn how to connect on a Soul Level, transcending our own humanness from the inside.

This is a blend of physical and energetic levelling, requiring our physical participation to bring our own higher timelines online from within. We establish ourselves as cosmic citizens of the NEW Earth by way of our own contribution, participation and support. Our universal experience overrides our human one.

“Home” returns as we remember, universal love is our way of being. – Lou Reed

We synchronize our higher mind to unity consciousness this is how you awaken your crystalline body where there is no separation between the two and where we flow in unison with all as one.

We learn to feel our truths, activating our higher mind and opening our pineal gland for our holographic existence to begin. We are transitioning out of Old Earth, as NEW Earth becomes very real. To achieve this through mastering multiple dimensions, aspects and realities all fully from within. This is where we choose timelines and create them by way of inner access to what was not visible before as an unconscious human.

Our higher consciousness DNA is activated and we move into advanced cellular activations for higher embodiment as we become ready to move into our next transitional phase.

We exist between our higher & human selves, learning the difference and how to maintain a fully surrendered state so that our higher selves can move into our oversoul, taking over to cause and create our Soul Blueprint.

We no longer choose to compromise due to separation. – Lou Reed

Jumping timelines quantum style becomes an art we must learn to master fully, for all time folds into one stream of consciousness and time ceases to exist. Then it’s just a flow, collapsing/converging/restructuring in every now moment and our human self must learn to keep up at a rate beyond our humaneness.

We learn to live vibrationally and how to maneuver through the old dissolving constructs and corrupt coding of linear time. Our body moves between linear & non-linear.

In our next edition, we will discuss oversoul embodiment.

Blessed Be, Lou 🙏