Headaches and Ceremonial Cacao ❤️✨

There are a few reasons why you may experience headaches or feel jittery after drinking cacao:

  • Cacao is contraindicated with anti-depressants or SSRI’s (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors). This is because cacao contains compounds that are neurochemical regulators.
  • Cacao is hydrophilic so it will absorb the water that is in your body. So it is best to drink water before and after your ceremony to ensure you are well hydrated.
  • Have you consumed too much cacao? The dose of cacao for your ceremony may have been too much because:
    – your body is feeling sensitive to cacao on the day
    – the activities you are engaged in are sedentary, either during the ceremony or afterwards, so you may need to move your body
  • Are you trying to control your experience with cacao? Cacao is a plant ally and she wishes to work with us however if we try to force, control or resist the experience we are limiting ourselves and our relationship with this beautiful spirit. 

Lots of love,
Vicki Cook, Moon Priestess ❤️✨
Energy Medicine Institute


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