Lou Reed

Energy Medicine Institute

Energy Centers & Our Full Potential ❤️✨

Tuning in to the frequency of each energy center invites us to discover and embody the full potential of who we are and whoever coming. Similar to the waves in the ocean, they ebb and flow endlessly. Our life force is constantly being recharged. As we become conscious of the functioning of our energy centers, we have the opportunity to meet ourselves from different perspectives.

We have the chance to discover our core in stillness, as our energy ebbs and flows and forms, dissolving and reappearing. By developing energy center coherence, we can stimulate cellular intelligence, promote deeper relaxation, and reduce stress.

Intuitive responses become organic creative expression and playfulness fills our lives. Balanced, all coherent energy centers, support healing at a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level. When our energy center system is harmonious and coherent, our lives unfold in magical ways. It is like listening to beautiful music and dancing to its pace.

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