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Becoming The Expert

Free Discovery Call

If you are interested in exploring how energy business training can change your life this FREE discovery call is for you. Our Energy Business Discovery Call is a I hour Call with Katrena the Co-Founder who will discuss how you can create your own personal global platform for your energy business.

Start Up Training

This training is for beloveds starting there energy business, learn how to create a sustainable business with your own personal brand stepping out into the world as the expert and authority in your field of excellence. This training is for you if you are spirit lead, serious about business and are willing to work beyond your current comfort zone.

Rebrand Training

This training is for those who are looking to work with spirit to become the expert, learn how to position, package, price yourself in your field of excellence through 7 streams of income, international key note speaker, award winning author (#1 Best Seller), healer, coach, energy mentor, energy consultant and an expert facilitator. Make your soul purpose a reality and share your medicine with the world.

International Accreditation

International Recognition

•  Internationally recognised in over 30 countries
•  Access to student membership
•  Access to full membership when you graduate
•  Access to professional insurance
•  Access to a practitioner page on IICT directory

Case Studies

Sneak Peak Inside The Tribe


“Energy Medicine is a powerful tool to discover your creative purpose. Unleash your feminine powers and share your creative gifts with the world.” – Amber Kuileimailani Bonici, Woman Unleashed Retreat


“Energy Medicine is a great way to access your intuition. In EMI’s training you learn how to speak directly to your inner wisdom.” – Amber Kuileimailani Bonici, Woman Unleashed Retreat

Sneak Peak Inside The Training

Who Says Learning Can’t Be Sexy

IMI is much more than a training company. We believe that technology should be used to enhance your learning experience. This is why we never stop investing in developing our cross-channel platforms, to make the learning fun, intuitive and most of all, transform your life.

Tribal News

Create A World Beyond Ordinary

Tribal News, an online campus for inspirational leaders. A call to come together as one and create a world beyond ordinary. To find inspirational leaders to befriend, to collaborate with to be inspired by. A tribe of like-minded creative warriors, changing the world by living the true of who we are. Our passion is to create sustainable generational change, through the United Nations sustainable development goals, changing the world one act of courage at a time.

What Is Our Seventh And Eighth Auric Layer ❤️✨

Our seventh layer is our cathartic or causal body. Associated without divine or universal consciousness, and is related to our seventh crown energy center. Our causal body contains our life plan or soul contract and reflects all experiences and events that our soul has ever experienced.

What Is Our Fifth And Sixth Auric Layer ❤️✨

Our fifth auric layer is our etheric template. Associated with aspects of our physical body and related to our fifth throat energy center known as a blueprint of our lower etheric body and is where matter is shaped into our physical aspect.

What Is Our Third And Fourth Auric Layer ❤️✨

The third auric layer is our mental body.  It is associated with our vibrational level of thought and our mental process of our ego.  It relates to our solar plexus energy center and extends three to eight inches around our physical.