Energy & Movement Part 1

FULL MOON: Time To Savour Your Life

There is a kind of radiant glory in the full moon.
The radiance of this moon phase, is known for awakening the power of energy and movement. This is a time to celebrate and savour everything you have created with the first quarter moon, you may find that the full moon brings a feeling of intensity, and you may notice you are more emotionally reactive and overwhelmed during this point in the lunar cycle. 🙏🏽

The full moon is a potent time for rituals.
Create a ritual that celebrates the small and large ways you are grateful for what is in your life right now, just as it is. Let your celebration take a form that supports you just as you are awakening the power of energy and movement. Invite your creativity inherent in this phase to light the spark inside of you as reflect back on what you have created so far. Release through movement what is no longer in alignment and forgive anything that you are holding onto. This will set the stage for the next lunar phase.

Full Moon – Energy & Movement Process: Full Moon Priestess Lauren Pasas takes you on a journey each Full Moon and shares with you a different energy process that will allow you to release anything that no longer serves you as you complete and celebrate your growth from this cycle.

I invite you to share:

✅ How did you feel (mind. Body. Soul) before you did the practice?
✅ What came up for you as you did the practice?
✅ How did you feel (mind. Body. Soul.) after you did the practice?

What is your experience with the power of the moon phases? See you over in the comments!

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