Awakening the Power of Cacao
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Energy & Cacao Part 1


The spiritual meaning of this moon phase is restoring balance.
As the cycle of the moon continues, and light begins to dim, there can be a sense of letting down, of letting go. In this energy, it’s important to stay strong in your resolve to do the steps that lead you toward what your soul is calling in awakening the power of Cacao and fully release what no longer serving you. 🙏🏽

Bring the energy of completion to all of your actions through awakening the power of Cacao.
Clean up all of your spaces, releasing what is ready to go, and organise what will stay. Take some time to offer your support to someone in your life or in your community. Recognize how what seems small to you could make a profound difference to someone else.

Work with this lunar phase to refine what you are calling in
Clarify and complete the tasks at hand, and get consistent with those habits that build your resilience. They will resource you as the lunar cycle begins again.

Last Quarter Moon, Awakening the Power of Energy & Cacao Process
Our last quarter moon priestess Vicki Cook takes you on a journey through a sacred cacao ceremony allowing you to connect with mama cacao who will journey with you into the depths of your soul and find resources and aspects of Self that are calling to be awakened, to support your becoming. 😘

To prepare for your cacao ceremony create a space where you will not be disturbed. You may wish to create an altar, smudge yourself or light a candle. Prepare your ceremonial cacao (see front page) and then join me, Muma Cacao and the Element of Earth.

Cacao Ceremony

Cacao Ceremony Enquiry

I invite you to share:
✅ In what area of your life do you need nourishment? And what form of nourishment do you need?
✅ Where is abundance in your life? How do you share that abundance?
✅ Where do you have structure and support in your life?

I look forward to sharing your journey with Mama Cacao.

What is your experience with the power of the moon phases? See you over in the comments!

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