How To Access Your 2 Million Bits Of Information ❤️✨

Once I understood about frequency and my energy system, I was looking for a way to speak directly to my subconscious. What I found while working with my beloveds, was that they were talking to me through their conscious mind, the 134 bits of information per second. To get deep soulful sustainable change I needed to speak to their subconscious, the place where we could access 2 million bits of information per second, so I could get to the root cause.

I became curious around working with muscle testing to speak to my body. Everything is derived from the subconscious: our choices, our words, our thoughts, actions, they all create emotional states, mental states and spiritual states. So, what if I was able to speak to my subconscious and have it language my wounded stories. I knew that muscle testing worked, so I started exploring how I could give language, so I could speak to my inner wisdom, how I could understand what my inner wisdom was telling me?

That’s when I developed the revolutionary Energy Psychology process. Muscle testing is the way that we communicate with our inner wisdom so that we can uncover the information to restore our energy system back to optimal health.

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Lou Reed, Energy Shaman ❤️✨
Founder, Energy Medicine Institute


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