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Lou Reed Energy Thought Leader as seen in media

Who We Are

Energy Medicine Institute (EMI) is owned and operated by Tribal News Inc., a global not for profit organisation established in Australia by Lou Reed. Tribal News Inc. tells the untold stories, stories of courage and love that shine a light on the highest form of the human spirit, we embody and are a vehicle for global transformation of love, joy and light. We support grassroots projects globally that empower individuals to become financially and spiritually independent realising their full potential in this life.

Our offerings are the creation of Lou Reed, EMI and Tribal New Inc.’s Founder, developed through her lived experience of her healing journey. EMI’s trainings are internationally accredited and offered online around the globe. Our team of EMI specialists will guide you step by as you walk your transformational journey.

Lou Reed Energy Thought Leader as seen in media

The Power of Energy Medicine Book

In this #1 Bestseller the Tribal News Inc. Council of Elders share about a significant life experience. The share what happened, what it was like before energy medicine, what it is like now after energy medicine, the gift that was birthed from the experience and there go to, energy practice when life happens. We have all had a lived experience of the power of energy medicine. Energy medicine has the power to transform all areas of our lives. It is the new transformational paradigm.

Tribal News Inc’s Council of Elders

Drawing on the collective wisdom of our Tribal News Inc. Council of Elders, our team of Light Bearers channel healing energy that ripples out into the world as medicine, to connect and light up pathways of Divine Love for individual, family, communicates, planetary and cosmic healing. We are a collective of medicine woman and men that celebrate and share our Spirit with the world. We are dedicated to taking our medicine and wisdom out into the world through EMI teachings and practices, ensuring that EMI continues to evolve and grow to bring our calling into reality now.

Lou Reed Energy Thought Leader as seen in media

Lou Reed, Founder Tribal News Inc
Founder Energy Medicine Institute
Co-Founder Energy Business Institute

Ambassador, Energy Shaman
Lou Reed’s life was filled with challenges, initiations, violence, betrayal and pain. Lou’s healing journey saw her transform her wounded stories into Sacred Medicine, which she shaped into a reproducible, scientific, step by step method for transforming all dimensions of your being. Energy Medicine Institute (EMI) was born and offers global, online energy training.

David Brown, Co-Founder of Tribal News Inc., Council of Elders, An Advocate of Human Rights

Content Creator & Film Director
David Co-Founder Tribal News Inc. is an advocate of human rights, the underlying theme of much of his work. David works with government organisations, businesses, individuals, community groups and Non-Government Organisations (NGO’s) globally. Capturing the collective voice, the expression of that community story is fundamental in creating change.

5 star training provider energy healing course

Platinum Training Provider International Institute Therapist

Katrena Friel, Co-Founder of Energy Business Institute, Council of Elders

Global Lead Energy Business Training
Develop your business plan to Becoming the Expert in your Field of Excellence.  Learn a step by step how to POSITION | PACKAGE | PRICE yourself correctly in your market, through 5 streams of income:1  International key note speaking, 2. Award winning author (#1 best seller), 3. Practitioner, 4. Mentor,  and/or 5. Group Trainer. This is energy business training for the conscious. Mentoring for the awakened through a customised, individual solution for you to build the energy business of your dreams.

Jo Farello, Co-Founder of Energy Membership Institute, Council of Elders

Global Lead Energy Membership Training
Your medicine can heal the world, and place you at the top of your field of excellence. If only you could stop searching and stressing over the tech stuff. Lou & I can certainly relate. That’s why we partnered with AccessAlly to support graduates  to make their ideas a reality. We didn’t set out to be a Membership Training Institute BUT we built EMI’s membership program and our graduates started asking how could they build one just like ours.

Energy Course Student Reviews

5 star training provider energy healing course

Vicki Cook, Council of Elders

Global Lead Energy Shaman Training
Vicki’s life was a cycle of betrayal, shock, fear, overwhelm, anguish and feeling out of control. Vicki’s healing journey lead her to transmuting and alchemizing the wounded stories of her experiences. She came to understand the depth of the journey of transformation. Vicki is now able to hold sacred space with an open heart and deep compassion for EMI’s beloveds journey of transformation.

Tania, Council of Elders

Global Lead Creativity
After living for 30 years with chronic pain Tania spent most of that time learning modalities that she thought would support her in moving forward in life. From massage to homeopath to herbalist nothing worked for long. Then Tania found EMI and her life changed dramatically. Tania now has tools to move through her challenges and offer EMI beloveds hope, understanding and compassion for those who are struggling with life.

Energy Course Student Reviews

5 star training provider energy healing course

Patti Dean, Council of Elders

Global Lead Energy Healer Training
Patti lived a life of betrayal, fear, loss, and trauma. Patti half-heartedly believed this lifetime was a punishment, karma, from past lifetimes. Patti deeply desired change but didn’t know how to create it. The universe helped her out by sending her a soulmate who made her start questioning everything about herself and her perceived world. After several years of self-healing, Patti knew she needed help going deeper. In walked Lou Reed. Patti continues to learn from Lou and enjoys helping others learn about themselves and sharing in their enlightenments and self-revelations.

Lea Akiona, Council of Elders

Global Lead Medicine Woman
Lea sought solutions for her lifelong debilitating anxiety, panic, and depression fervently searching for ways to make it stop. Discovering it’s source as stuck trauma and culturally accepted abuse she could then find a solution. Never giving up her search for healing self has led her to Shamanism and EMI. Lea offers a compassionate presence to support others in their efforts on their journey, as they too, heal from trauma and find their medicine.

Energy Healing Course 6 Month Program Accreditation

Platinum Training Provider International Institute Therapist

Diana Bonnici, Council of Elders

New Moon Priestess
Diana has always felt she was an angel in a body, and was guided to a deep spiritual journey of meditation, classes, automatic writing and then EMI, to understand how to use her gifts as Sacred Medicine. She feels called to lead others to connect to their Divine Wisdom. Diana offers a safe, loving and understanding presence to support EMI beloveds to explore their Divine Purpose.

Chelsea Szabo, Council of Elders

Full Moon Priestess
By the time Chelsea was twenty, she had battled death three times. These experiences gave Chelsea a sense of urgency to embrace life to the fullest. After a decade in a corporate career, Chelsea was ready for change. She found it excruciating to verbalize what she was feeling (because to an outsider her life looked perfect). She also didn’t know what she really wanted. She just knew she wanted more. More joy, more ease, and more authenticity. Today Chelsea is passionate around teaching the connect between voice, breath and personal empowerment.

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Create A World Beyond Ordinary

Tribal News, an online campus for inspirational leaders. A call to come together as one and create a world beyond ordinary. To find inspirational leaders to befriend, to collaborate with to be inspired by. A tribe of like-minded energy warriors, changing the world by living the true of who we are. Our passion is to create sustainable generational change, changing the world one act of courage at a time.

End Human Trafficking

Our third inspirational leader is Nary. Her family, like many others around her, runs a restaurant on the roadside in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, selling street food. 🙏

Zero Poverty

Our second inspirational leader is Dikchya, a humanitarian from Kathmandu, Nepal. As a result of extreme poverty and discrimination in some regions of Nepal, many newborn babies are left to die. 🙏

Wash House

Our first inspirational leader is Deb. Deb and her team run the Wash House, a centre for women that has operated for over 36 years in Western Sydney, Australia. 🙏

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