Energy Activation ❤️✨

“Such a powerful process thank you. I am ready for the next step, I am excited and nervous at the same time.” “OMG you put language to feelings I have had for years and never knew how to express them or work with them, just amazing thank you so much.” “I could not believe how accurate the information was and how powerful the healing was. I feel so much lighter and have a lot more energy. I feel alive.”

DNA Coherence ❤️✨

In This Bonus Training we’re going to deep dive into DNA Coherence and learn how when coherent our DNA are the doorways through which we access our spiritual heritage.

Meridian Coherence ❤️✨

In This Bonus Training we deep dive into Meridian Coherence and learn how our meridians are the energy highways that move the divine energy through our energy system. We explore how ancient Chinese considered our twelve meridians when coherent as though they are officials in our bodies queendom;