Energy Center Coherence ❤️✨

In This Bonus Training we deep dive into Energy Center Coherence and learn how our energy centers hold vital programs that we can unlock to resources us to move through our soul lessons in flow.

Subtle Body Coherence ❤️✨

In This Bonus Training we deep dive into Subtle Body Coherence and learn how our subtle body is the key to manifesting. They hold the roadmap to our soul blueprint, and inform us how to move through our soul lessons in flow.

Energy Field Coherence ❤️✨

In This Episode I walk you through Energy Field Coherence, our Higher Self, our Conscious Self, and our Survival Self and how activating all 3 Selves or bringing them into Coherence, we gently shift into a higher vibrational frequency of light, beginning our Ascension Process by awakening our Human Consciousness and activating more DNA Strands.

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How Does Prolonged Stress Effect Our Body ❤️ ✨

In my personal story, my digestive system has been less than optimal, with my immune system, learning in the womb, to default to PTSD. I was constantly on alert, which impacted my adrenal glands, and pushed high levels of cortisol into my body, making it impossible for my body to process food in the way that it is meant to.

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How Our Story Informs Our Greater Weave ❤️✨

Each aspect of our life is part of our greater weave. Our greater story. Our living masterpiece. For me, the gland that was less than optimal was my adrenal gland. Which spoke to the part of my story where I was conceived, from a violent act. My mother had PTSD, and in her womb, I learned that PTSD was the physical default. I walked through life creating circumstances that allowed me to default back to PTSD.