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Our Home Is Our Mirror Part 1

In this weeks Conversation with Lou Podcast we explore Our Home Is Our Mirror Part 1. Each part of our house is broken down into a reflection of our mental, emotional, and physical counterpart of ourselves. 💕 Even the fascia of a house takes on a form similar to the

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The Universal Mind

Design A Life beyond Ordinary… Explore the aspects of the human mind that most people are yet to wake up to. You are so much more extraordinary than you where made to believe.🙏 In this weeks Conversation with Lou we explore The Universal Mind. See you on the

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Lawrence Ellyard, The IICT Story

In this episode of Share Your Message Lou interviews Lawrence Ellyard from International Institute for Complementary Therapists IICT. IICT provides peace of mind for Natural Therapists with professional recognition and affordable insurance for all modalities

Nepal Zero Poverty

In this episode of Share Your Message Lou interviews Dikchhya, a humanitarian from Kathmandu, Nepal. ❤️ Dikchhya has made it her life purpose to provide food, shelter, and love to as many of these victims as possible. She currently houses over 75 women, men, and babies. Her community has become one big family where they all take care of each other, providing purpose as well as a home. 👼 I invite you to join the tribe and take a stand for zero poverty, to support those, who through no fault of their own, have been discarded by society. This is …

Gender Equality ❤️✨

Today in the studio with us we have Deb from The Wash House Inc, sharing on gender equality. 💕 The WASH House’s mission is to reduce the impact of poverty, social disadvantage and violence on the lives of women and girls. 🙏